jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

A computer as thin as paper

The display of this computer is so fine that can be placed on a napkin or on a cookie sheet like a more and use it to take notes in a meeting
The annual design contest organized by Microsoft typically includes locking device as interesting as this pc napkin, a computer with a very compact that boasts a screen with a thickness as thin as paper. These napkins, as defined by the concept name, work with technology in color, have multitouch capabilities and could connect to each other wirelessly. Also be communicated wirelessly with the napkin that serves as base when not in use and which integrate the team.

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Charge your gadgets by air

Maybe someday find some invention that avoids the need to charge the battery of your portable gadgets ... and some may look like this boot-like part of an exhibition of modern art. Aero-called E and is based on a small wind turbine placed outside where the device captures the wind and converts it into electrical energy.

Since the launch of the standard inductive load Qi we have seen that have been released many products to charge your gadgets so inalámbria. But however interesting it is, still using electricity, apart from renewable energy. Therefore, this concept seems like a good idea.

E AERO is a magazine concept, created by Lance Cassidy, who works on a wind turbine. This turbine is installed outside a window where the wind picks up and turns it into electricity. This energy is transmitted to a charger inside the house, delivering electricity to your phone or other gadgets through induction.

Another part of the concept is a mobile application that would deliver data on wind patterns near the location of the user in addition to calculating time load time speed when loading. Sounds good, we should expect ever go from concept to reality.

Eco mobile

This keeps your battery charged Telephone by solar energy. It also reduces the power consumption, limiting functions and using a screen that shows only the essential information.
It is very basic in terms of functionality (serves only to make calls and send and receive messages), but its appeal lies in belonging to the current commitment devices increasingly environmentally friendly co. The Leaf Phone is a prototype phone that inspires your design on the photosynthesis of plants and incorporates a set of solar cells on top. Thus, it can only function with the energy obtained from the sun also can vary its shape and placed on the wrist like a bracelet, so that improves the reception of light and keeps the battery charged in all times. It also promotes the reduction of energy expenditure limits poruqe your screen to a small area with LED displays icons and text very basic lines, which specify the function that is conducting the phone: when at rest or sun as a symbol that is recharging, etcetera. For the interiors, has designed an adapter that sits in the window and transmits the power cable to the terminal.

martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Digital home runs from the wrist

Three prototypes all equipped with latest generation sensors that help track and detect the environment and physiological state of mind of the user to provide the most appropriate data and services at any time. face Wave House is a huge panoramic screen that serves domestic and entretenimineto center as a gateway to the Internet when not in use, are covered by a sheath decorative automatically assigned.

Guitar without strings

Creates the sound from a touch screen

Is almost like an electric guitar. Its operation is very simple. the first is to connect the instrument to the computer or amplifier. Then he plays similar to the guitar. The sensors are pressed mast replacing the frets to mark the intonation, while on the screen controls the type of sound, intensity, effects, etc. This surface is configured through open source software, so anyone with knowledge can contribute ideas. Does not sound like an electric guitar. is rather an instrument with which to make electronic music. Still, when you touch someone who knows how, the result is spectacular. You see it in Youtube

Arm touch

Microsoft has unveiled a prototype to help you manage any gadget using one arm.
is an innovative system created that turns the body into a tactile surface that helps manage a variety of devices.
the device is composed of several items placed on a bracelet. while a small projector reproduces pictures on the skin.
its function is to recognize the vibrations produced by the body according to how and where to touch, and then transmit the data to a computer by following patterns of correspondence.