miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Charge your gadgets by air

Maybe someday find some invention that avoids the need to charge the battery of your portable gadgets ... and some may look like this boot-like part of an exhibition of modern art. Aero-called E and is based on a small wind turbine placed outside where the device captures the wind and converts it into electrical energy.

Since the launch of the standard inductive load Qi we have seen that have been released many products to charge your gadgets so inalámbria. But however interesting it is, still using electricity, apart from renewable energy. Therefore, this concept seems like a good idea.

E AERO is a magazine concept, created by Lance Cassidy, who works on a wind turbine. This turbine is installed outside a window where the wind picks up and turns it into electricity. This energy is transmitted to a charger inside the house, delivering electricity to your phone or other gadgets through induction.

Another part of the concept is a mobile application that would deliver data on wind patterns near the location of the user in addition to calculating time load time speed when loading. Sounds good, we should expect ever go from concept to reality.

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