miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Eco mobile

This keeps your battery charged Telephone by solar energy. It also reduces the power consumption, limiting functions and using a screen that shows only the essential information.
It is very basic in terms of functionality (serves only to make calls and send and receive messages), but its appeal lies in belonging to the current commitment devices increasingly environmentally friendly co. The Leaf Phone is a prototype phone that inspires your design on the photosynthesis of plants and incorporates a set of solar cells on top. Thus, it can only function with the energy obtained from the sun also can vary its shape and placed on the wrist like a bracelet, so that improves the reception of light and keeps the battery charged in all times. It also promotes the reduction of energy expenditure limits poruqe your screen to a small area with LED displays icons and text very basic lines, which specify the function that is conducting the phone: when at rest or sun as a symbol that is recharging, etcetera. For the interiors, has designed an adapter that sits in the window and transmits the power cable to the terminal.

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